Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm Back!!

I know it has been a while since we have posted in here because we had joined Facebook. So I wasn't keeping up with both and pretty much stuck with updates via Facebook. We have recently disabled our Facebook account because it was becoming distracting to Tammy at work. I would see the blue light on my phone indicating an update and that caused my productivity to take a bit of a nose dive. So I made the decision to unplug from Facebook and make a weekly update via our blog.

I do miss Facebook because it allowed me to stay connected to the family and see how my adorable nieces and nephews are. We might go back one day but for now to help me achieve my goal in getting promoted at work it will have to take a backseat.

So here is what is happening in the land of us. We are going on a cruise with "Mama and Papa Faas" in just a few short weeks. We leave on December 4th and return on December 11th. It's on the Disney Wonder and we are excited to be back on her. She is a wonderful ship with a fantastic crew. This will be our second time on her and we are excited to show the magic of a Disney cruise with Mama and Papa Faas.

We only have one excursion booked which is in Key West. We are going to take the adult only trolley tour of the city. Ian and I want to hit up the bamboo shop there to see about some sheets as they are freaking amazing. We also have to get a key lime pie on a stick covered in chocolate. We had this last time and it was amazing. So delicious!

We are going to just relax on the adult only beach at Castaway and soak in some sun to recharge our batteries. Then in Nassau we are going to stay on the ship and spend some time at the pool with a good book and some drink of the days. It should be a fun cruise that is just what we need.

Ian and I have also signed up for a new 5k at Disney World in April. It's a "Star Wars" themed run and it will be through Epcot bright and early at 6 AM. So a completely different experience than the "Expedition Everest" one a few years ago. We will fly into Orlando on Thursday the 14th and stay through the following Thursday which is the 21st. We haven't booked our vacation package yet because we are waiting to see what discounts come out in December for this time of year. I know the "Flower and Garden" festival will be going on which is really neat to see at Epcot. We plan on having a few resort days where we spend time at Downtown Disney at night and relax by the pool during the day. We also plan on hitting up the four parks at least once each. It will all depend on what the deals are for our time frame.

So that pretty much sums up our lives for right now. We are working and counting down the days until the cruise. Tick...Tock...

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