Thursday, September 27, 2007

exterior walls

Holy Craptacular Batman! We have exterior walls, some windows and the plywood is down for the roof. We drove by and they were working on it, so we went and killed about 2 and a half hours in Georgetown eating dinner. Then went and walked around Linenes and things, and then grabbed some ice cream at cold stone. Yum...I even had raspberry in honor of papa faas. LOL....We did find a good place for breakfast for us to eat at and for when we have company. It even opens at 6 AM so I know Papa Faas will really love it. Pictures up next.

Trying to get a good picture of the exterior of a house down the street because they have the same brick color we chose. This way everyone can see what color it is.

In our backyard looking towards the master suite side of the home.

In the backyard, looking towards our covered back patio

Looking down the master suite from the sitting room in our master bedroom.

Looking from the living room towards the kitchen

looking in the office

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