Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last weekend

Jess, Rod and the kiddos came over last saturday. It was quite fun. They got here around10ish and we went to the pool. It was a little warmer so it was better than the previous time they had came over. After spending some time at the pool we came back to the house and Ian BBQ'ed for us. He grilled us up some tasty burgers and hot dogs. Around 2ish, Jess and Rod left for their date while I got to have the two girls to myself as Ian wiped pretty shortly after they left. They were very good for me. Kamrynn didn't even cry except for when she was hungry around 4:30ish so I fed her a bottle and her baby food Jess left for her. I am going to start calling Kierra a cheese monster as she had quite a few string cheeses while she was here. I got a few pictures of them that I will share in a bit. Jess, and the two girls are going to spend the weekend with us July 25th so I'm looking forward to that. We plan on doing some more BBQ, go to the pool and just relax with them. Kierra's birthday party is coming up quick too. Ian and I are going this weekend to get her gift after we go to the movie on saturday.

We have officially reached under 200 days left to go until the cruise. I think we are going to book one of our excursions next weekend as you just put a deposit down for the all inclusive beach day in Cozumel. I'm still looking at dress's for our formal night. I had found the one I loved and might still get it if I can't find something else locally that is a little cheaper. I just can't fathom spending over a certain amount on a dress I will only wear when I have to dress up for something. I'm hoping in August/sept when they start putting out the fall lines I will be able to pick up something then. Pictures up next...

Kamrynn sitting up in the bear chair

Kierra painting her pricess doll for the wall of initals we have

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