Saturday, June 14, 2008

OMG a post...LOL

Good morning! It has been a while once again since we have posted in this thing. Life has been pretty busy lately between working and then living our day to day life. I recently had my shift at work change slightly. I am now mon-fri same hours of 4pm to 1am but now I have two days off with Ian instead of just one. Ian recentely took vacation and enjoyed his time off. He got some projects done around the homestead that he has been needing to do. He fixed the wobbly toilet in our guest bathroom. It still is a project in the works as we are trying best how to make the base of the toilet look pretty with a ton of concrete around it. LOL. I will post pictures later regarding this. My sister, BIL and two nieces are on their way over as I type this. We are going swimming, then going to BBQ. Then later they are going on a date while we babysit the munchkins. I'm excited. Other than that life is good for us.


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