Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday - Cozumel day

One of my favorite days of the trip. We got up around 8ish and got ready for our fun relaxing beach day. We had booked Nachi Cocum again as usual and it didn't disappoint. We had 7 ships in port with us at Cozumel and they only allow a max of 100 people in to the beach club so we knew it would not be as crowded as other places. We got to Nach about 9:30 and got one of the best palapas on the beach. We met our waiter for the day and had a yummy fruit drink for myself and Ian had a dos equis. I know I probably just butchered that name. We really spaced our drinks apart as neither of us wanted to get drunk. It was so relaxing. Around 3 we had our waiter call us a taxi and made it back to the pier by 3:15. We took a quick nap and around five woke up. We were in each port from 8am to 6 pm so nice long days in each one.

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