Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday - last sea day =(

We woke up around 9ish today. We slept in because we didn't have a lot of plans. I knew I was going to get us packed before we did anything for the most part. That way we could relax for the rest of the day. We made it to the last art auction even though we had said we wouldn't go to another one but there wasn't a lot going on so what the heck. We ended up buying a few more pieces. I think we will be happy with each one we chose. We also had an appt with the future cruise man as well. We prebooked for 2011 so we could qualify for only a $100pp deposit and we will receive a $300 onboard credit for our next cruise as well. We have been debating between two iternaries for next year and the transatlatic in April of 2011 is winning so far. It's about $500 pp less than the New England/Canada one, and it would be from Galveston aboard a ship we are quickly falling in love with. We honestly can not say enough great things about the crew members on this ship. They were friendly and truely seemed to enjoy their jobs. SO MUCH BETTER THAN CARNIVAL!

Back to the cruise....we had dinner in the windjammer tonight as neither of us wanted to get dressed up for dinner in the dining room. We then chilled on the balcony until we were tired and crashed. We knew we would have an early morning. We also had gloomy skies and high winds on the last sea day. They were saying as high as 60 so they had to close off the outside decks for the pool.

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