Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Early Birthday Momma Faas and an update of sorts

First and foremost, I wanted to wish momma faas an early happy birthday. We hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow whatever it is that you.

We apologize in advance as we did not get a birthday card in the mail again. We have been absolutely horrible about it this year. I am going to make that our new year's resolution for next year already. To be better about getting birthday cards in the mail. You heard it here first. =)

We officially start our new shifts a week from this coming Wed. I'm nervous but excited because we have some familiar team members on it but a whole bunch of new.

Speaking of work, we officially have our vacation request approved already for the cruise. We will be off from Sat Jan 29th, and then we won't have to be back until Wed, Feb 16th. So a nice two week long vacation. So excited about it.

We have booked Nachi cocum already for our cozumel day. We will be there on a Tuesday where we usually are there on a Friday. So that will be interesting. A lot fewer ships in port with us so we should have exceptional service.

For Grand Caymen we are going to look into booking the company we used on the Carnival trip in 09'. They were a pretty good company.

Not much else going on with us. Just work work work until we get to our vacation time.

Take care for now.


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