Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Surprise!

We worked so long and hard to surprise my mom with a Christmas that she wouldn't forget for a long time. Here is the long story in a few short words. My dad and I had been talking about our upcoming cruise on the Voyager of the Seas. He mentioned he would still like to possibly go but just wasn't sure about it. At this point, I mentioned oh hey, why don't you surprise mom with the trip for Christmas since we knew if they just talked about it she probably would not agree to it. muhahaha... So after watching prices fall on the balcony rates for this itenrary we saw rates get low enough and probably wouldn't go any lower. So after working some magic, cruise was booked.

This began the long thought process on how to surprise her with it for Christmas. We finally worked it out to a scavenger hunt that led her to her favorite breakfast place, Cracker Barrel where all the kids would be waiting for her. We decorated a poster with the ship name, itenrary, thier room information among other things. We found some caribbean themed things for the table as well. Dad contacted the manager to talk to them about us surprisng mom at a table in the very back as well.

She woke up Monday morning to her first clue by the coffee stuff because we all know how she loves her morning java. Needless to say it sounded like she had fun on the scavenger hunt at the house.

Then we were all waiting on her to show up. It went off well. I think she even had tears in her eyes! Awww...now she gets a month to plan things and think about her wardrobe and get in the cruising state of mind. We already know we are getting pedicures on Saturday afternoon after Ian and I drive in that morning. Can't wait.

Here are a few more pictures of the event.

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