Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost vacation time and new shifts oh my!

Ok, so the time has finally come. We officially found out our new shifts today.

While Tammy was thrilled, Ian was not so much. We got the following shifts.

Tammy will be working Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon from 1PM to midnight with Tues/Wed/Thursdays off.

Ian will be working Sat - Wed from 7PM until 4AM with Thurs/Fridays off.

He will be putting in for a shift swap as soon as possible. The sad thing is it would probably be easy peasy for me to swap with someone and move to Ian's shift then it would be for him to come to mine. We have a lot to talk about tonight after work. Shift swaps won't be eligible until we have moved to the new teams as of right now so we will be stuck for a while in this routine.

I'm sure if we pushed we could get it moved sooner rather than later as well.

Now on to happy thoughts. We only have 4 days left until it's time to hop on a plane and go to the land of the mouse. Yippee!!!!

I'm so freaking excited.

Not much else to say now.

Until next time....


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