Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We are booked!

We officially booked today after getting our deposit back for the cruise. We are going from Oct 22nd - Oct 29th. We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

It's so exciting to think I will get to go to Disney right after my birthday. It will definitely be a memorable trip. So excited to see the party for Halloween and taste the yumminess of the food and wine festival.

As we make our plans I will be sure to update here. Not much else to report on. I was sick from Friday to yesterday. I had a horrible cough and slight fever, achy and just felt like crud. We went to the Dr and turns out I had a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection. They put me on an antibiotic and some strong cough meds that have a decongestant in it as well. I'm feeling much better today after I got some good sleep for a change.

That's about it for now.


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