Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holy cow...two posts close together!

So I researched a bunch of excursion ideas last night as I mentioned. So yay for that. I pretty much found the company we will likely use in Belize. They have a lot of great reviews and there are some other pluses. One is they have a few options you can choose from. One of them is an option for people that might be in your group that have no interest in snorkeling but they would like to observe and take pictures and see the beautiful places. It's about 30 bucks cheaper than those that want to snorkel. They go to two places for us to snorkel at for 45 minutes each. One is Coral gardens which is on the Belize barrier reef and the second one is the infamous stingray and nurse shark alley. eek....then they take us back to the caye for some lunch and beach time or shopping if you want to shop. They then take us back by boat to the main port area for us to catch a tender back to our ship. The only downfall is we would possibly miss this port due to high winds/rough seas because of the dangers of tendering. Now for Roatan we are going to likely use this one tour group. They have a shuttle that leaves every 30 minutes. You get full use of the beach chairs, a welcome drink and full use of their facilities. They have some great reefs we can snorkel from the beach area pretty easily. I am just waiting to hear back from some of the people I trust on the cruise boards. I posted a thread in hopes to get feedback. The other thing we could do in Roatan if they don't get rave reviews is right there at the port we dock at. If we dock at the Carnival one they have built it up with shopping, restaurants and a beach that we don't have to pay a fee to use. However it does get pretty crowded compared to the other one we are looking into. Only time will tell. Not much else to say right now. Going to veg on the couch and relax. Can't believe my weekend only has one more day to it. These three day weekends go way too fast sometimes.

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