Monday, February 11, 2013

Time off Approved!

So we noticed the other day that the time between now and the challenge was under 90 days. We attempted to put in for it off but it was telling us that the furthest we could do was April 27th. Ian hit up our boss about it and said to email him so he could check on it for us. Then we were hit up and told to just submit for it using our old tool and it would be retroactively added to the other tool. Then he approved it for us. So another step is down and we are closer to being on our way!

We are so stinking excited about it. We should get our refund in tomorrow where I will be booking our airfare and package with Disney. So it will be officially booked and paid for.

Our plane will leave on Thursday morning at 7:45 am and we will get into Houston at 10:30ish. We are only going until Sunday so will likely just do a carry on for each. After getting to our hotel, will unpack pretty quick and make our way to Epcot. We have a dinner reservation for Le Cellier which is the Canadian steakhouse in world showcase.

On Friday morning we will be grabbing a bite to eat breakfast and then catching a bus over to the packet pick up for the race. Then drop it off in our room and grab a bus over to Magic Kingdom. We have dinner reservations at the all new Be Our Guest restaurant. I am really excited about this one. The pictures of the ballroom that is open for dinner service is gorgeous. We plan on staying until the park closes tonight as we get to sleep in on Sat.

On Saturday morning, we have breakfast reservations at Kona Cafe at 10 AM. I plan on picking up more of the Kona coffee before we leave here today. It's expensive but oh so freaking good! Then we are going to have some pool time and grab something for dinner around 5pm. Then rest until around 9pm when we need to go catch a bus over to the starting line. We plan on staying at the after party as long as we can. It will depend on how exhausted we are. We have a couple of choices for our flight home and haven't made up our mind yet. There is one that leaves at 1pm and another at 6pm. If we do the 6pm we can do the morning at Hollywood Studios for a few hours before needing to go back to the resort to catch the magical express back to the airport. Hmm..need to make up our minds before we book it tomorrow.

In preparation news: we have started to add jogging spurts on our walks to try and up the stamina for the race. We are following the couch to 5k program for the most part. Although it was rough this morning as it was cold, cloudy and sweetpea was a pill. We might leave her at home on Wed when we go just to see how much better the run goes.

I can't make up my mind if I want to take the camera or flip camera on the run to get video/pictures. I guess only time will tell.

That is all for now. Hope everyone is doing well out there.


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