Saturday, February 16, 2013

So freaking emotional

I don't know if it's because of it being that time of the month, but I'm very emotional today. First my BIL has shipped out for another tour of duty. So everyone that reads this please keep him and our troops in your prayers please. We need them to return safely to their families!!

Then I have been watching videos of peoples experience with the race and get so emotional as they are coming across that finish line. I think it's because I know how hard we have been working to get there and I really want to finish it. I know we can do it but it's so scary to think about training and to get swept because of not keeping pace would be horrible to me.

I know I'm probably going to be laughing and crying as I come across that finish line like I did for the Cupids Chase one. We are thinking of signing up for another one in April before we go to get another race under our belts. I just don't know if we should risk possible injury to ourselves. I would hate to get a major injury before we go for the main event.

I mentioned the other day we added jogging sprints to our walk now. The other day we went back to our main park and we did it both to the 1.6 marker and back. Which is a lot longer than we normal do. We already got our time down to around 54 mins by doing that. So by the time we go in May we should have that to hopefully 45-47ish. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I was sore yesterday after it and today I'm ok. Just a little sore in my core muscles. I didn't realize by adding jogging sprints it would work my core out. We are getting jump ropes to do cross training with on our off days to strengthen our calves and build up endurance. I will also do my dance video as well.

I am so ready for the weekend this week. If it's nice out tomorrow like it was today we are going to canyon of the eagles state park with sweet pea. I need to check and make sure they allow dogs first I guess. LOL. If we get to go I will take the camera so I can get some pics and post them.

Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all.


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