Monday, March 11, 2013

Where oh where did that weekend go????

This weekend went by way too fast!! It didn't help that we lost the hour on Saturday night. When we did get up we went for our walk/run for 2.4 miles. Then had a quick bite to eat and got my hair cut.

Then we went for dinner and came home to watch a few movies and our typical Sunday night line up. Then this morning we got up late again and had to run some errands. Tonight I'm going to make baked ziti for dinner and trying to get in plenty of water. Tomorrow is a run/walk day for us. We have upped our workouts to every other day now instead of just mon/wed/fridays. Hoping by doing this it will increase stamina and reduce time frame for the 3.1 5k distance.

We are waiting to hear back from roofing company for the repair job our back roof needs.

In other news this coming week is going to be crazy at work. We have a release coming so it will always generate craziness for us. It definitely helps the time fly by. Then towards the end of the month we have a team outing so we get a 3 day weekend. Our team voted for a movie day at this new theater. We get a double feature and food so not a bad way to spend a day off the queue.

We move to new teams at the end of April too. Matter of fact the week that leads into us leaving on that Friday for our Disney trip. So we have tons of things keeping us busy between now and our trip. Hopefully it will continue to pass by just as fast.

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