Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's been a while since I have posted an update. I have a little bit of time before we have to leave for work so figured what time would be better. Today is our Friday and I'm so glad we made it through another work week. This last one was a crazy one. We have a fun meeting set for today that will be our last one on this team. We move the Sunday before we go to Disney for our 5k race. So I'm sad to see the time come to close on this team but at the same time, it's always fun to meet new people, management and maybe even change up our hours.
We find out our new shifts on Monday so we will find out on Tuesday when we return to work. We are both ancy but there are really no bad shifts in the department we are in so we are excited to find out what we get.

We have a pretty fun filled weekend coming up. We are going to take Sweetpea to Canyon of the Eagles state park tomorrow. That will allow us to get our walk in and get to see some new scenery. Then on Monday Ian has to get his labs done, and then we will go grab some breakfast and then some shopping for the upcoming trip. I am looking to get a new pair of running shorts, compression socks for my runs. Then Ian wants to get some shoes depending on what they have.

Then we will return to work on Tuesday and start our next work week. Weekends go by so fast which is a bummer but work goes by pretty fast too. We have gotten our Mickey mail in and got the waivers finally for signing for the race itself. So it's just a matter of doing our every other day training walks/runs and before we know it May 1st will be here and we will be heading to my parents new house.

I'm so excited for them. They close and then move on Friday. It will be their first home they have purchased and it's an exciting time for them. =)

If I remember I will take the camera with us on Sunday and come back and post some pictures. =)

Have a great day everyone!


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