Monday, April 22, 2013

Single Digit Dance

So we oficially hit the single digits until we are off on vacation. So excited! We drive to Kingwood a week from Wed. Get to spend the night in my parents new home. It will be interested to see how Sweetpea does. She at least remembers my parents pretty easily but with it being a new home, who knows how it will go.

I have started to gather our stuff and put it into one corner. I will probably pack us up on Tuesday before we go to work. Then the last minute stuff like toiletries will get packed on Wed morning before we drive in. I will get us checked in for our flight on Wed before we leave for Kingwood so I can have us on a first class standby list since we are one pass members. I doubt we will be upgraded but oh what a fun story that would be. Especially since we got an update the other day from united that our flight leaves 15 mins earlier so now instead of it leaving at 7:20, we are departing at 7:05. So freaking early. I am betting Ian will want to set the alarm for 4:30 and we will be out the door by 5 am. We have our parking figured out finally after pricing and comparing. So that is another thing I have been able to cross off our list.

So now is just the final walks/runs this week, and our final week on our current team. Then next weekend comes, and we start our new team on Tuesday and leave on Wed. Eeeeeek. So freaking excited.

We did get our first choice on teams by the way. We are on the same shift we are now under new supervisors. We have a previous manager for the team manager, and I have two new seniors to me but Ian has been under one in the past as well. So only one new one to him.

Most of our team that we are on now, got the same shift too so that is kind of fun.

Not much else to report on right now. If I remember I am going to send out our bib numbers along with where you can check on us during the event this week via email. Hopefully they get the link to us before we leave. Otherwise I will get ya'll our bib numbers and a link to the rundisney site as they will likely have a link to it from their site directly.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care!


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