Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home update

We went by the property this morning and we have had some more work done. They have pretty much completed the trenching. There is a little more to do and then they will lay this tarp stuff down over each square, which we are guessing are the vapor barriers. Then the next step will be pouring the concrete. We are really getting excited as we see more and more steps being done. If they keep up on this rate we might get in a little sooner, but we aren't holding our breath. I am going to start packing stuff away that we don't use in the coming weeks so that way I'm not swamped with all the stuff a move entails. Such as getting new services set up, putting in change of address, etc. Up next pictures.

The right side of the property's trench

Looking from the driveway area to the left side

The left sides trenching

Giving you an idea of the cross trenching with the squares

Where the bay window will be

Thats it for now..stay tuned as there is always something going on it seems.


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