Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will we be getting foundation poured this week? That is the question.

We went by the property last night and all the trenching is fully complete now. They have started to place the vapor barriers as well over the trenched out blocks. I'm sure there is a better term for that, but since I'm not in construction that is what we will call the blocks with what looks like black tarp on them. HeHe. We even saw our house number spray painted on a few house boards making it feel completely real now. How could it not feel real, seeing what will be your address for the next 30 years placed on your home. I can't even begin how to describe how I felt when I saw that. It was a few emotions. I can only imagine that I'm probably going to be this crying mess when we get our keys and open that door for the first time as the official home owner. Enough of that ramble. Back to the subject at hand. When we went by and were investigating, we saw the plans, on the ground so we snooped and looked at them. We even laid them on the bed of the truck to get pictures of them. Slight problem with that was the camera batteries decided to die all of a sudden. Doh. So Ian got a bunch on his camera phone but it's a pain in the arse to send them so when we go by tomorrow, if the plans are on the ground again we will get them with the digital camera I promise. That is all the news for now. Pictures up next.

The completion of the trenching

Placement of the barriers on each block

Ian investigating the lot and vapor barriers

Our house number on the boards

That is all I'm going to post for now.

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