Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discovery Cove here I come

Hey all,

We found out today that Ian's parents are going to join us on this trip to the land of the mouse now. Woot!

They also suggested we put in for reservations at Discovery Cove so Ian and I will do the dolphin swim and they are going to just to the general admission now.

I'm so freaking excited. Now I just have to get through work for the next 5 1/2 months. Thank god I'm going to be so busy working that hopefully the months just fly by.

We set it up for Monday, Jan 23rd as this would be after two days in the parks and would give us three days afterward so a nice mid trip break. Eeeeekkkk!!!!!

Now I just pray it's a little warmer than normal in Orlando towards the end of Jan and not freezing cold. At least their wetsuits come in sizes all the way up to 18x so we would have no issues with getting a wetsuit if it's freezing.

Plus they keep the water a nice controlled temperature for the animal's safety. So we might just have to stay in the water. lol...

Ok...off to peruse the disney boards and check on some threads I have been following which they have been talking about discounts on hotel room rates. That would be awesome if we could get a deluxe room for the price of a value.

Anyone is still welcome to join us on this trip as well. It's not limited to just us and Ian's parents so if you are thinking about it and need information please let me know. I will gladly give you the lowdown.

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