Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yay for Free Dining

So we officially booked the vacation yesterday. I had been watching the boards that I go to for tips and tricks and saw that free dining packages were released and couldn't believe our luck when our dates fell within it. I thought it was just going to be for through the end of 2011 so when I saw 2012 dates through March I was ecstatic.

We changed our leave and return dates by two days. So now we fly out on Sunday, Jan 22nd instead of the 20th. We are taking two full weeks off anyway so now the trip is in the middle of our vacation. It will give us a few days before we fly out to rest and get things done around the house and then a few days when we return before having to go back to the grind.

Three cheers for that! As our work tool that lets you put in vacation requests allowed me to submit it already, I put in for my 80 hours off. I will probably just have to let my new team manager know ahead of time that this was done so it doesn't just sit in a queue and nothing happens to it. I will probably bring it up sometime in October just to make sure it gets approved.

Not much else going on. Got all ADR's made for the trip already so I feel like I'm a step ahead of the game. I will have way too much time to just twiddle my fingers between now and then. Thank goodness for holidays in between now and then.

Anyways got to get ready for work soon. We have two hours of overtime we are doing today and tomorrow. Then on Sat we will work a normal day and then it's off to the new team on Sunday. /cry

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