Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final Changes

So we received an interesting bit of news that had us change our plans but once tomorrow comes there should be no further changes.

I was speaking with a travel agent and found out that the Disney Magic will still be sailing from Galveston in Jan. So when Ian got home last night we discussed the itinerary and have decided to go with it. It's an 8 night cruise for only 200 more than we paid for the 4 night one on Carnival. We get to hit up Key West, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya and Cozumel. So we get 4 great ports as well. One we have never done anything in before or been to. Grand Cayman we will probably go to 7 mile beach and shop. Then Cozumel we will just shop at the pier area and in Costa Maya we will probably just stay on the ship or get off in ship in the pier area as well.

If anyone wants details on the trip just let us know. We always love company on trips like this. We are going to book an inside room to save a bit of money. Especially since on this ship we will be participating in the various activities. Plus lets not forget you don't have to pay extra for sodas as it's included in the price where on other lines you pay typically 7 bucks per day per person for the soda pass. We don't typically drink enough to warrant it but we still like to have an occasional soft drink at shows, or by the pool. I'm really excited about how everything turned out and hope we enjoy the ship. We booked a room in Galveston for the night before the ship departs. It will leave on Friday Jan 4th and get back on Sat Jan 12th.

Not much else to post about right now.


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