Friday, March 16, 2012

One last change

So we received our money in our bank accounts and we were sadly disappointed. We received a lot less than what we figured because we forgot about the percentage they take out for the 401k before they tax it at the high rate for income taxes. So we had to cancel the Magic as it was higher than we wanted to pay. The 8 nighter was going to be about 2100 after the taxes and that was prior to tips for the staff. We were both sad but we figured it was the grown up thing to do.

We are still going on a cruise for our anniversary but we reverted to going on the Princess one I had mentioned a few posts ago that I deleted. It's going to Belize, Cozumel, Costal Maya and Roatan. So on the big upside is we have been wanting to try out Princess and we get two new ports. So yay for that! I'm going to watch the prices and if the balcony's go down we will upgrade to that. Right now we are booked in a gurantee inside so it's possible to get upgraded to a balcony anyway without paying the upgrade fee's.

It sets sail on our anniversary too so I'm going to book the steakhouse for that night. Hopefully we get our luggage quick as we will have to dress up for the steak house. Then I think we are going to hit up one of the lounges for some dancing. It is our anniversary after all. LOL.

We got it for a great price too so if anyone is interested let me know. We managed to snag the inside for only $1500 and change. That price is for the both of us by the way. Anyways thats all for now. Take care!


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