Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ugh...changes yet again

So as the title says there were changes yet again. After we talked it over we don't really want to blow all of the profit sharing checks on Disney after everything that has happened recently. We talked about some various things we could do locally or nearby and have decided to book a quick 4 night cruise out of Galveston. It just goes to Cozumel and we can utilize the same dates we were looking at for Disney. However the 4 nights didn't have one the week we originally put in for. So we have moved it to the week after instead.

We will be sailing on Thursday June 14th and get back to Galveston on Monday June 18th. That gives us a few days at home that will allow us to do various fun things around town now as well. We will have a nice chunk we can put aside by going this route. Since its our last big vacation besides just going to visit family we decided to splurge on a premium balcony. I'm actually ok with our choice to change it to this and Ian seemed pretty happy about it too. Now tomorrow I get to call in and cancel the other stuff.

We have pretty much decided we are going to just shop in Cozumel, grab a bite at one of the good Mexican resturants near the pier and then relax on the ship and utilize the pool. We talked about going to Nachi like we normally do but we have done it so many times and we want to really just enjoy the trip and not necessarily have to worry about catching a cab and tipping the waiter, etc. Plus lets not forget it will be in June that we are going so no telling what the weather will do to us yet.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing ok.


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