Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a monday for us

Why is that weekends go by way too fast sometimes. At least we have our monday over with now. We just have to get through 4 more days until it's weekend time again.

We aren't sure how we like the teams so far. Everyone is super nice and it's nice to have some team members from our previous team on it with us. Plus we have our friends Heather and Justin on the team. We just aren't sure we like the management style just yet. They do things different but we expected that to a degree. We just hope that things get better or it's going to be a long few months before vacation is here.

They are definitely trying to have us gel as a team which is nice. Not all team managers/seniors really cared about that before so I definitely like that aspect. Plus they are helping us build some skills for those of us that want to pursue the senior position eventually.

I definitely don't like that they mixed our chat surveys with our email surveys because as my tier takes action dispute emails we tend to get poor surveys because we tend to deny deny deny. so that brings down our survey scores in a bad way.

Not much else going on with us. Looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie coming out next month. So excited to see what they do with it.

I am hoping the time continues to fly by as I am looking forward to vacation time in Jan. It just sucks that we have to wait until the end of Jan. Oh wells. Then hopefully we will do another shift change up in the beg of the new year. I am betting we won't see that until after the year end reviews in Marchish. Who knows.

I guess that is all for now.


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