Friday, December 14, 2012

cha cha changes

So as the title says we had a change of heart on what we are doing. My mom had sent me an article she had seen on the local news site in Houston about Disney cruise line leaving Galveston in December of 2013. So this would literally be our only chance at getting a cruise out of Galveston in Jan.

So we did a price comparison and by booking the 8 night cruise out of Galveston, we actually will save $490 dollars. Even if we went to Disney World and were able to book the bounce back it only saves about $300 so we still save money by going to Disney instead.

It is officially booked so we are not able to go back now due to cancellation policies. We will be going on the Jan 4th sailing of the Disney Magic out of Galveston. It is an 8 night cruise so that is a huge selling point.

Then on top of it we get a port we have never been to which is Key West Florida.

The next port is Grand Cayman, followed by Costa Maya and finishing with Cozumel before we make our way back to Galveston.

They still have quite a few rooms left pretty cheap which is also awesome. You can get an inside room for two people for right around $1500. Which for an 8 night cruise and on Disney is AMAZING.

So if anyone wants information it's not too late to book and join us. =)

We have there adult only resturant booked as well to celebrate our Anniversary. We weren't able to get reservations for our anniversary itself but that's ok. It's our fault for not booking until 3 weeks before it sails. Eeeek....

Alright that's all for now. Just wanted to give an update as I did promise one. Take care!


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