Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

As tonight is Christmas Eve I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and if I'm not back next weekend Happy New Year as well.

No major plans as Ian is at work. We are going to cook up a big breakfast in the morning and will make a Christmas brunch before he goes to work tomorrow night. Other than that its business as usual around here. We are starting to get everything together to pack for the trip. Next weekend I will probably get everything packed up except for our essential items for the cruise. Then on Thursday the 3rd I will get the rest of it packed up before we head to my parents house.

They are going to watch sweetpea while we are on our trip. We finally got our room assignment and they have us on deck 5 which is a great deck. We got the third best category for a balcony so that was exciting for booking a guarantee one. The main theater is on this deck along with some other various items.

We should have a nice trip and I'm excited to see what a Disney Cruise is like. Worst case if we don't like it we didn't spend that much on the cruise itself due to last minute fare pricing and we didn't have to fly to Florida to try the cruise line out.

On to some exciting news. We found out Ian was chosen officially to move to the same department I'm in. He got my shift as well so we will finally get the same days off again. It's been too long since that has happened. They officially move over on Jan 6th but we will be on vacation so it won't be until we come home that he will start on it.

My buddy, Heather is also getting my shift as well so I'm really super about it.

Not much else to report on. Hope everyone has a great Holiday!


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