Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decision time

Hey everyone!! Yay for the weekend time. So we get our bonus checks this coming Friday. We are going to book our vacation on Friday as well. Just need to finalize a few things and then we will have our decision.

We have pretty much decided to do a trip to Disney World due to a few things. One, they have some great rates and we have enough points with the airline to pay for one way there so we only have to pay for the flights home.

The second is we enjoy being active on our vacations now and the walking we get in at Disney is great for our prep work for the 5k in May. The next reason is while we are there in Jan we can book a bounce back offer to take advantage of savings that you normally can't find on peak time frames such as May when the 5k is. So it will cut the hotel costs almost in half. We only have to pay the deposit of $250 while we are there and then will pay it off with the income tax refund in Feb.

We are actually debating on getting a season pass when we go in Jan because we know we are going back in May for the Expedition Everest 5k, but we are thinking of a 3 night 4 day get away in October for our birthdays, the 5k they have for Halloween/10k if we are up to that as well and of course food and wine festival. So with the possibility of 3 trips this year it would save us money. I am supposed to find out the total cost to upgrade and then price out the tickets and see if it would actually save us money or cost us money.

When we go in May we are going to possibly go back to Discovery Cove too for just the day pass. Not necessarily do the dolphin swim again. We got a great offer in the mail since we went this year for a day pass of only 100 per person.

We will see though. We aren't set on necessarily doing it again just yet. I feel it should be more a special thing because it's a one of a kind place. So maybe if we go back for our 15th anniversary it would be a good time to go again.

We have a lot of fun things coming up. We are going to see "The Hobbit" on Thursday night. I'm taking a half day to go to the midnight showing of it. Then the following week on Friday I work a half shift for our Holiday party. Then I will be off on Christmas itself so have a short week and the following week, I only work Tues/Wed and then we are off for our vacation.

If we do follow through and do Disney like we are planning, we will be traveling to Houston on our actual anniversary as the flight we want leaves on Sunday at 7:30 AM but gets us in to Orlando at like 10:30 AM so very nice.

We have pretty much decided to stay at the same resort. We debated about staying at a new moderate one but we really loved the lay out of Coronado Springs so we will see on Friday.

Not much else to report on.


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