Sunday, December 30, 2012

Somewhere....Beyond the Sea

Our cruise is getting so close now so we are getting excited. I'm sure you all know that feeling of anticipation as the vacation gets closer. It's harder and harder to sleep at night.

We plan on heading into to Kingwood on Thursday morning. I am working on laundry now and hope to get us pretty much all packed up by tomorrow after Ian goes to work.

I am going to have my handy dandy packing list printed and then check off each item. This is the longest cruise we have ever been on. I know it's only by one day but it seems so much longer than that in my mind. I'm sure I will end up over packing to a degree. I can at least wear the dress I wear on formal night for the night we have dinner at Palo.

Then on Pirate night, we each have something we are taking for it. I don't know if I will necessarily wear it yet or not. I'm pretty sure Ian will wear his regardless if I do or not.

I hope to take a ton of pictures and if I find Stitch or Captain Jack Sparrow I am so getting my pictures with them. Stitch is one of my favorite characters and lets face it Jack Sparrow, who wouldn't want a picture with him. /wink

I am hoping that we really enjoy the Disney cruise experience. I know that any day on a cruise ship is better than a day at work, hands down!

We just got the new offer for discounts for our trip in May as well. It's going to be 30 percent off the room rate for the moderate level of resort which is what we planned on staying in. So that will be a nice savings. We will be booking that in Feb once we get income tax refund back. I'm so excited about the 5k in Animal Kingdom. The working hard to achieve a goal and then accomplish it will be equally as nice.

Not much planned for the rest of my weekend other than what you see here. We are going to hit up Barnes and Noble on Tuesday on the way into work to get a few magazines for light reading. I will also be taking my nook to finish reading the book I have on there.

This time next week we will be getting ready to explore Key West. I'm so looking forward to some rest and relaxation!!!

That is all for now. I might be back later with some pictures of Sweet Pea as I have been promising those for a while now. =)


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