Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday - sea day and Portofino's

We slept in until around 9AM as we were pooped. We made it to breakfast and chilled. We went back to the room for some relaxation and reading on the balcony. We didn't do a lot today as we had reservations for dinner at the specialty resturant this evening. I think we might have spent a little time in the casino but that was about it.

That night we had dinner at Portofino's. Yum. Ian, mom and dad all got the skewer and I ordered the beef tenderloin. It was sooooo good. Then they bring you our dessert appetizers of some yummy cookies and choc. covered strawberries. I ordered the tiramasu for dessert and mom had some yummy choc. cake thing. Ian got the sampler and dad ordered the panacotta. He said it wasn't very good so noted for the future.

We then went to the hot tub and pool for some relaxation. Crashed somewhere around 11 this night. We were already starting to realize the end of the cruise was near and were very sad.

up next- last sea day and some exciting bingo wins

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