Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tales of woe and a rainy embarkation day

The tale begins on Friday Jan, 28th around 9 PM. We are heading for Kingwood, TX after getting off of work at 7 PM. We are on 290 and getting close to Hempstead when we receive a text message from my sister Misty letting us know that not only is dad not feeling well, but mom might be coming down with something herself. So we decide to book a hotel for the night and play it by ear the next morning to decide if we need a hotel for Saturday night as well. We were both sad to hear that not only dad has gotten sick but mom might be coming down with something as well. To prevent us from catching it we decide this will be the way to go as we can't have more people sick.

So we get to the La Quinta just down the road from mom and dad's about 10ish. We were able to snag their last room available as there were two high school soccer teams staying there. Of course its the suite and we had a jacuzzi tub. This was nice after the long journey from Austin to Kingwood. The beds were super comfy as well. I would highly recommend it in the future as long as our one and only issue with them gets resolved asap. We had done the check out where you call and let them know you are checking out and leave the keys in the room. We check out on Saturday. We get home and find out we were billed for a second night as well. They are working on getting this resolved though. So as long as it gets resolved we have no issues with them.

Back to the story at hand. We called mom in the morning to make sure she was feeling ok. Sure enough, it was a fluke issue that made her feel ill and was a-ok. We met up with her and Misty that morning for a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After breakfast we head to their house as mom is going to take dad to the emergency clinic at Walgreens to see if they can do anything for him. As he has less than 24 hours now till we need to leave to get on the boat.

Ian heads to the gun range while Misty and I play catch up. They all get back about the same time. They give dad Tamiflu and some good cough meds to help him out. Now will be the waiting game to see how he feels in the morning. We go to lunch at a new chinese resturant and then go shopping for mom some shoes. We head back to their house and mom is going to get us pizza for dinner and dad is feeling much better already. Enough that barring any incidents decided he would be well enough to go on vacation with us. He would relax in the room for the first two days to ensure no chance of a relapse. We head to bed around 11 that night anticipating our emarkation morning.

We wake up around 7:30 as we wanted to be on the road by 9:30ish due to the rain that was happening. We all like to go slower when the weather is crappy. We got on the road about 10ish and had one quick stop to make at my brothers house to pick up a laptop for my dad to borrow as he was going to stay in the room through monday afternoon at least. We make it to the parking lot for the cruise by noon and are on the ship by 12:30. Very smooth process once we made it there. We proceed up to the windjammer as the rooms would not be open until at least 1:30ish. We chill out there while having a small snack of crackers and cheese. Then we head to the rooms to get our first peak. We really liked the aft balcony, however we didn't use it as much as we used the last two balconies. I was too busy running around with mom. Mom came to our room for sail away. We then decided to hit up Johnny Rockets for dinner and picked up something for dad on the way out. We stopped by their room to drop off the food and to check in on him. Then decided to go to the casino for a little bit and then to the Pig and whistle pub for some Kamikazee Karoke with Derek Lewis. It's something not to miss if you are ever on the Voyager of the Seas. He puts on a great show and knows how to show everyone a "5 minute party". LOL.

After quite a few drinks we decide to call it a night. We were stuck due to the parade that was happening but as soon as that was over, we headed to the room. It was about midnight and we were pooped after a long day.

Coming up - 1st full day at sea and formal night

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