Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday Jan 31st - 1st full sea day and 1st formal night

We woke up around 8:30 am and Ian was feeling a little sick to his stomach. We were not sure if it was from the motion we were feeling in the back of the ship, or if he was coming down with what was plaguing mom. He drank quite a few glasses of water and finally was able to rid his body of what was plaguing his stomach. He had some bonine and went back to bed. Mom and I got out and had coffee and breakfast at the cafe promenade. We then went to check on the guys. Ian was feeling a bit better but still not fully well. He was queasy still but felt weak. He dehyrated his body on Sunday so he wouldn't have to use the restroom as much on the drive down. Then after all the drinking we did on Sunday night, he got sick from it. He had some sprite and some bread and was feeling better by the time dinner came around.

We got dressed up for formal night and went to our dining room. Ian and I both ordered the upcharge steak for dinner and it was delicious as usual. It somes with a yummy peppercorn sauce and a baked potato. After dinner we called it a night as it was close to 10 and we had an early morning with docking in Cozumel at 7 and we wanted to shop before we went to Nachi Cocum beach club.

Up next, Cozumel and more tales of woe.

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