Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thursday - Montego Bay Jamica

We did not set the alarm today as we were docking around 8 AM and had nothing planned but to do some shopping and enjoy the pools and hot tub on the ship.

We got off the ship around ten and the guys bought some cigars as they were the best priced here. Ian picked up some for a few of the guys at work. I got some blue mountain coffee as it is so yummy. We made it back to the ship and decided to get on our swim suits and meet at the pool deck. We were in the adult only area and it was so boring as it's quiet there. We decided to move to the main pool area as they had music piped in and grabbed some drinks. We stayed in the pool and hot tubs for a few hours. About 1pm we decided to head back to the room and get showers and order some room service for some burgers to tide us over until dinner that night. We hit up the main dining room and got some delicious tiger shrimp with a yummy stuffing of garlic and other stuff. It was amazing.

Up next, sea day and portofinos

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