Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday - last sea day

We woke up around 9 am again and called mom to see if she wanted to join us in going to the main dining room for breakfast today. We were sat at a large table with all people from Texas. We had the older married couple from the love and marriage game show which was neat.

We heard what was happening and what had happened weather wise while we were gone. It sounds like we chose the perfect week to get out of town. We met up for the first session of Bingo at 11 where they gave away a free cruise for two on the last game. Mom won on the second game and got it all to herself. She won a total of $300+ and told us she would treat us to the next round of bingo where the jackpot of 1k would be given away. We then went back to our room for a bit to get packed up. We then met up with them around 1:30ish to grab a snack for lunch. Then we were off to play a round of bingo. Ian and dad both won and tied with three others, so they split the 1000 jackpot and walked away with 200. So not bad.

Ian and I both wanted to shop in the promenade some and found watches we loved so we picked those up as well.

We crashed around 10ish as we would have an early morning the next day.

Up next - disemarkation and future plans

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