Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, Feb 1st - Cozumel Mexico - Nachi Cocum

We woke up with the wake up call set for 6:30 AM. Ian was still not feeling up to par but got up and went to breakfast. While we were at the Windjammer he started to feel sick to his stomach. We decided to go back to the room for a potty stop before meeting off the ship. While in the room, Ian decided it would be better for him to stay back as he was still under the weather and didn't want to miss out on Grand Cayman again after the last time. I of course was a little upset but my parents were going so at least it wasn't a complete wash to the day. I met them as soon as I got off the ship and informed them Ian was staying back on the ship. We then went to the terminal area for some shopping. After mom found a few things we made it to the cab area and grabbed a taxi to Nachi Cocum beach club. I can not say enough good things. They only charged me for one instead of two as Ian didn't come with. The lady felt bad so that saved me 37 bucks.

They led us out to our little piece of paradise. Four loungers under a nice shaded palapa. Carlos was our waiter and he is one of the best and most requested servers there. We really lucked out. We decided to just have some water for the time being as it was only 9am and we had a long day to go. Mom and I put our toes in the sand and water and brr it was chilly. However I wasn't going to let that stop me from enjoying the water as it was 80 degress and warm outside. The water felt great after we let the sun bake us for a while. We ordered some drinks and I gave him a nice tip and told him to keep the drinks coming. Boy did he ever. I usually had a fresh rum punch before the one he brought me was half gone. I was smart though and drank them slow.

Mom and I put on the snorkel stuff and saw some fishies. We lost our sunglasses but I found them after looking for about 30 minutes. We then got out and ordered some yummy food for lunch. Dad was starting to not feel so great and took his food to the shaded resturant area to have a better seat. Mom and I got back in the water and then saw him come back to the chairs and was signaling he was leaving so we decided we were ready to go as well. It was around 1pm and we had to be back by 3 anyways so why not. I wanted to check on Ian anyways. I took Ian some extra strength meds for his issues and he started to feel better. So yay for that. I have my dad to thank for that. He was better after those meds for the rest of the cruise. I wish we would have gotten him the meds sooner. Oh well.

Up next Grand Cayman and sting ray city.

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