Monday, January 21, 2013

Costa Maya.....or would we make it....

So we were supposed to be arriving to Costa Maya on Wed at around noonish. So they had some fun activities going on. We planned on today being just a ship/pool day as we have been to this port several times and there is not much to the port area itself.

One of the fun items was going to be Monsters Inc in 3d in the main theatre so Ian and I went to go see it. It would be over around the time we would be docking and then would go to the room to change for some pool time. While we were waiting for them to open the theatre, the winds were blowing pretty strong and the seas were rocking. Ian and I knew from a previous time that if it's too bad they will shut this port down and not allow boats to dock at their pier. So I had a feeling we might not make it to port today. While in the theater watching the movie I could tell they were making an announcement but they didn't interrupt our movie.

So once the movie finished they came into the theater to let us know that the port was closed down as they were getting 7ft swells over the pier so it was unsafe for us to walk on. So they were busy making quick adjustments to our daily activity schedule and we were making our way to the next port of Cozumel which we were expected to arrive around 7:30 pm. Yes you heard that right. We got an overnight stay which hardly ever happens. We were so stoked as we lucked out on this. Cozumel is one of our favorite ports too.

So when we exited the theater they had a new schedule for us and we noticed they added a mixology seminar which we went and signed up for promptly. They also had a ton of various characters out. One of which was Pinocchio. We also saw Dopey today, tink, peter pan, alice, the white rabbit, capt hook, etc.

Looking down at Pinocchio.

Some of the contents of the mixology class...items to make a mojito. mmmm..

Blue Margarita

They added another bingo round and everyone got a free disney calendar as well.

We did get off the ship to go explore Cozumel at night. We went to Carlos and Charlies at the pier area shops in Downtown Cozumel. We had some yummy mexican and it makes us want to visit the one in Austin now on the lake. No pictures though because we weren't sure how safe it would be in Cozumel at night. We were both a little nervous but it was a lot of fun.

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