Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreaming about the next one

So on the last sea day while we were waiting on some event to start, Ian mentions how much he loved this cruise and we should look at what the pricing would be on a different sailing for next year.

On the way back to the room we stop by the future cruise sales desk and pick up a brochure and see they will be back at their desk in about 15 minutes and there was line already forming.

We look through the brochure and see they have a 4 night sailing that leaves out of Port Canaveral on our wedding anniversary of Jan 5th, 2014. We decide that we would just get the pricing on an interior room as we were out of our room and hardly used the balcony on this one. We didn't want to pay the extra for it if we weren't going to use it.

When they told us it was only 1200 including the taxes, etc we were like yes please. So this trip will head out of Port Canaveral on that Sunday, we will be at Nassau the next day, have a full day at their private island of Castaway Cay and then a sea day and back at Port Canaveral.

We will likely fly in the day before the cruise and stay on property to get the free transportation. We might fly in two days ahead so we can have a day at the parks and see the Christmas stuff still.

Then once the cruise gets back we will go back to the resorts and stay for at least 4-5 days for the parks. That is the tentative plan at least. We will concentrate on paying off the cruise and wait until the discounts come out in August/Sept for Jan trips and then plan our time at the parks then.

I will keep everyone updated for those that might be interested in joining. Otherwise we will probably go by ourselves and still have a blast. =)

Hope everyone else is doing ok.


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