Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day One Continued

So around 3:30 we heard the Magic's whistle indicating it was time for the muster drill in case anything were to happen to the ship and we needed to learn how to evacuate it.

Our meeting location was the lovely Animator's Palate restaurant. This is the place where it goes from black and white to color over the various courses of your meal in here. It was truly a neat experience. I wish I would have thought to bring the camera to dinner this night but alas I did not. Back to the story....

So Ian and I made our way down to Animator's for the muster drill. We discovered we were actually about 15 mins early as that whistle was for the crew members to head down first. So we took advantage of the empty location to get some good pictures in.

This whole wall during the dinner in here lights up to a sunset color and is absolutely beautiful.

Here is Ian at one of the paint brushes that light up during the course of the dinner. On the painters palate the "paint" also lights up.

Here Tammy is in front of Timon who happens to be one of her favorite characters.

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