Monday, January 21, 2013

Thursday - Cozumel

When I last left you we got off the ship to go explore Cozumel at night. The next day we were in Cozumel still until 3:45 PM. So you literally did not have to be on the ship from 8 PM Wed until 3:45 on Thursday. You could literally spend that time off the ship. That was crazy to us.

That morning we got up and went to breakfast. Then went back to the room to change into our swim suits and went to the quiet cove pool area for adults. We found two chaise loungers and went into the pool. Then we got into the hot tub and then laid out until we were just about dry. I read while Ian napped. Then we got back into the pool again as we were quite warm.

There was one family that thought they were above the rules and had their kid in the adult only area. I went into the coffee shop to report them and see if there were any good magazines to look through. Ian got us two blue margaritas as they were the drink of the days. They asked the family to leave the adult only area so thank god for that because their little girl was quite vocal and was interrupting my quiet time. LOL...

Around 1PM we decided to head back to the room and get our showers. Then we took a nap as we had dinner set for Palo tonight. This is the adult only dining that you have to pay an extra charge for. But man was it worth it. We had Alvin for our server and he was outstanding. The food was amazing.

After dinner tonight we went back to the room and just relaxed. We sat on the balcony and just chatted about the cruise so far. I also decided to get us packed up except for the items we would need for tomorrow and the day of debarkation. That allowed us to truly enjoy the last day at sea on the ship.

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