Sunday, March 4, 2007

1st full day at Sea

We woke up around 6:30 this morning because we slept so well that night with the rocking of the boat. I miss that now! We went to breakfast at the Windjammer Buffet and it was really good for a buffet. I had a lot of fresh fruit and salads this week. I think we might be some of the only people that come off a cruise ship losing weight. Back to the story at hand. We went to the Discover shopping show that morning at 10 to learn about the ins and outs of shopping in our ports of call. They did some give aways and Ian actually won something. He got some maraca's, a shot glass, a small bottle of tequila and some hot sauce. It was really informative and it helped us out on Costa Maya day. We went to grab some lunch in the windjammer once again, choosing to have salad and some fresh fruit for lunch. After that we headed down to the centrum where they would be having the champagne art auction. You register, and they give you a bid card along with three tabs for you to post on pieces of art that you would like to see come up on the auction block. Ian found this Bugs Bunny in a New York Yankee's uniform, so he put a sticker on that one. He was the only one interested in it so he won it without having to bid high on it. Then from there we went to play some bingo. I did not like the price for Bingo but figured we could play one game just to see how it is. After Bingo we went back to the room to rest a little since we had been going non stop since we got up. We went for dinner and then the show afterwards, was Dancing through the movies. The Royal Caribbean shows they put on are wonderful. By this time it was close to ten pm and we were both pretty tired. We still had to get our bag together for our first port day of Cozumel, Mexico and our excursion was to meet early in the theater so we went back to our room for bed. We had a beautiful towel Swan waiting for us tonight.

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