Sunday, March 4, 2007

Final day at Sea

We woke up Friday Morning a little later than we had been. We were a little sad to know this would be our last full day on our beautiful ship. We ate breakfast at the windjammer and went back to our to look at the schedule and figure out what we wanted to do and what we would pass on. We decided to go to the casino and do a little bit of gambling. I won about $50 on a nickel machine. When we finished in there it was about time for lunch so we hit the solarium pool area to get a grilled panini sandwich for Ian and I had a strawberry filled crepe for lunch. Yummy!!! We then went on down to the centrum area for the grand final art auction. We fell in love with the blind bid prize. We got three beautiful pieces and one animation one that Ian liked of Speed Racer signed by the voices. We got to learn a lot about some of the greats like Picasso/ Rembrandt/ Max, etc. It has definitely made me have a greater appreciation of art. After the art auction we went back to the room to pack up our stuff since we would have to leave our bags outside our room between 7pm and midnight. After that we went to the ballroom fever show. Then grabbed a bite to eat in the windjammer for dinner. Then it was back to room to go over the room once more before setting our luggage out. We crashed about 10 pm.

I forgot to post our other towel animals we received each night so I will post those now.

The Rabbit on the last night
Hanging Monkey

Cool dog

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