Sunday, March 18, 2007

In the coming weeks......

Ian and I are going to be busy bee's in the coming weeks. We are taking our art to get framed this coming weekend. We went up to Deck the Walls at our local mall on Friday to look at their frame options/matting options/glass options, etc and to get a price quote and they have been the best deal we have found. They told us it will take around a week for the three pieces to be framed so I'm really excited about that. They told us we caught them on a slow point in the year. So they might be done by the time my parents, Misty and Hayden come up the following weekend. I am really looking forward to visiting with them. They have only been up to our place once since we moved here so it should be nice. I told them to bring their swim suits since the weather might be nice enough out for us to use the pools. They are looking for some sort of ring float for the little man. Speaking of, I haven't posted any of the new pics my sister sent me so I will add those at the very end of this blog. He is getting so big, and he has the biggest laugh. So cute!

Then the first weekend in April, I am going to accompany our grandma to visit my sister's family in Oklahoma since she can't do that drive by herself. Plus I have been wanting to see her for a while now. It's been since Christmas since we have seen any of our families. That is way to long. Hopefully we will get to see Ian's folks soon as well but it might not be until we catch up with them on vacation.

Speaking of which, I am really looking forward to this vacation. And I hate to say it, I'm more excited about this one than I was of the cruise. I guess because when we go to Colorado I already know what to expect, and I enjoy every minute I get there. It also is a pretty non stress week, where you get to sit out on a lovely deck, in the sunshine, with the gentle breeze blowing, a good book to read, or a great conversation to be had. Plus, I am going to get to see some new parts of our country that I have yet to see. Hopefully tomorrow, Ian will know something as far as time off goes. He tried to put in for the time off, but since the new schedules aren't out yet, it would only let you put in up till the end of March, which is when the current schedules are through. He is going to talk to his manager tomorrow about all of this. Cross your fingers for us.

Up next pictures of Hayden.

He is such a cutie!

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