Sunday, March 4, 2007

Departure morning

We had to be out of our room by 7 am so we had the alarm set for 6:10. We headed up for breakfast and watched as we docked into Galveston. It was much cooler than we were expecting, but I think it's just we were spoiled by the warm weather and the breeze. I am going to post some tips in the next blog for anyone thinking of a cruise. The only complaint we had was we went to the purser's desk three different times trying to get our sail pass card worked out. We had set it up on a Discover card with every intention to pull it to ours on the last day at sea. Every time we explained it, we were told they would work on it. The purser's had a difficult time trying to figure out what it was exactly we wanted them to do. So on the morning of departure, we go up to the purser's desk because we never received our final copy. She showed us the charges and it still wasn't fixed. So, we weren't too happy about that because we were told on all occasions the main purser(whatever he's called) would be able to do it. I never would have set it up the way we did if I would have known that. Oh well...Lesson learned!

My top tips and what we will do on our next cruise!

1) only buy one soda package and that's if you drink at least 3-4 soda's a day. You get tea/lemonade/ coffee and water for free. We bought two and half the time Ian would just drink off of mine and you get free refills.

2) When setting up your sail pass card(this is where all the charges are made to that is linked with a credit card or a cash amount) either use the credit card you intend on settling the balance with for the reason mentioned above, or set up a cash based one because you can add extra cash at any given time.

3) I was worried about taking our good high spf sunblock to Xcaret because I was told they search through your bags and confiscate it and give you the biodegradable stuff(that does not work well). They apparently aren't strict on this because we saw people using the good regular stuff.

Those are my tips for now. When I think of more I will post more to this.

This concludes our trip report for now. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the vacation. I will be sending out the more of the pictures to everyone so they can see all of them.

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