Sunday, March 4, 2007

Costa Maya

We were late pulling into Costa Maya this morning because we were having high waves 5-7.5 foot waves and near gale force winds. The captain was going to take us back to Cozumel but decided to try for it. We ended up making it and had the port to ourselves today. The Carnival ship was going to try as well but by then it was too late and we were having gale force winds. It was like being in a hurricane. We had a beach day reserved at Tequila Beach club but because we were a little red from the day before we decided not to go. We got of the ship and walked to the port area where they have it set up like a resort with a swim up pool bar, restaurants, and shops that were duty free. We bought two big bottles of pure vanilla and some tequila that Ian likes. We walked back to the ship and it was tough because we were walking into the wind now. It took us more than three times as long to back on the ship because of this. We got back into our room and dropped off the stuff they allowed us to bring back to the room. We went to grab a bite for lunch and then to lay down to take an afternoon nap. We had an art collecting seminar we wanted to go to but we ended up sleeping until 5:30ish and missed it. We must have needed the nap though. When we woke up we were already on our way back towards Galveston. We went to the show tonight but they ended up having to switch tonights show with what would have been Friday's because the water was too rough for the dancers to perform safely. We crashed by 10:30 tonight. Pictures of Costa Maya next.

As we were docked at the pier

Looking towards the port resort area from the pier
Swim up pool bar

The aft of our ship with a good view of the rock climbing wall

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